Expert Advice – Seasonal Street Style Tips

The Sociable Chatterbox went to chat to the fabulous Holly McGlynn, Street Style Fashion Photographer about seasonal trends on the street.  She was delighted to meet this amazing Irish snap happy lady on Portobello Road a few weeks ago.

Nicola McSorley (c) Holly McGlynn for Company Magazine
Nicola McSorley (c) Holly McGlynn for Company Magazine

So having hit it off like a “house on fire” not really sure where this expression comes from but wanted to ask Holly a few Q’s to help us get through the silly season ahead.

The SC – Holly, tell me about the major trends we can expect to see in street style over the coming weeks?

The run up to Christmas is always an explosion of sequined dresses, LBDs, silver, gold and glitter. Christmas jumpers are always popular and can be a fun festive nod to the season while keeping your look quite street. I like getting dressed up for a party as much as the next person but it’s all just a bit predictable this time of year. I love to see something alternative, some sharp tailoring instead of glittery dress, a sweatshirt teamed with a jewelled skirt instead of a body con. Over the next few weeks I’ll be looking to photograph girls who do things a little differently and eschew the old reliables. Try a brocade suit, some coloured faux-fur, or some mannish shapes, it’s fashion, have fun with it!   

The SC – Who in your opinion are the biggest influencers of the moment?

There’s no denying fashion bloggers are the biggest influence on street style at the moment. They make fashion accessible, wearable, relevant and fun. They’re connecting with audiences in a way brands wish they could, which is why so many brands are collaborating with them! Check out La Petite Anglaise and Mademoiselle Robot, 2 amazing bloggers I work closely with.

The SC – What’s hot & what’s not right now?

Tartan, punk, tailoring, oversized coats, pink are all huge trends this winter. What’s not? Wearing something you’re not comfortable in just because it’s on trend, so passe! 

The SC – Where in your opinion are the best places to people watch great looks?

My street style work takes me to every pocket of London and I alway find great style wherever I go. I’m loving Brixton at the moment though, so many amazing places to eat or drink while people watching and so many cool, urban backdrops to shoot against.  

The SC – Do you think people are influenced in how they dress by their local area?

Possibly, you definitely see a shift in style across the capital, more put together in the west, more undone in the east…but I’d hate to generalise!  

The SC – Describe a regular work day?

At the moment, kind of manic! Sometimes I’ll have 3 shoots in a day and I’ll fit street style in around those plus editing the jobs. The best days for street style are when I’m not dashing around and I can just take my time wandering the streets, finding great style at my own pace. Once in a while I get a day when all I have to do is edit photos at home. In my pyjamas. Preferably with a beer in hand. Those are the good days! 

The SC – Tell us who inspires you and how you made it as a street photographer?

I’m inspired by fashion blogs with beautiful photography, other photographers, amazing editorial, and exhibitions. I love photos with a little drama or humour. Australian photographer She is Frank is amazing, her photos are funny, cheeky, edgy and beautiful.

I managed to break into the industry by building up a strong portfolio and relentlessly hawking myself around trying to get commissioned. Eventually it worked! It’s funny though, one job lead to the next and it all snowballed really quickly. 

The SC – Are there any insights you can share on the future of street photography?

Street photography is so ubiquitous now, I think there’s a change afoot for sure. Although I don’t know what! 

The SC – Do you like getting your own pic taken?

Even though I direct people on how to pose every day, I haven’t a clue what to do once I’m on the other side of the lens, I’m totally out of my comfort zone! I have very few photos of myself though (occupational hazard) so I’d like to remedy that. 

The SC – Any tips for us in how to perfect our pose?

Relax! That is fundamentally the most important thing because if you look uncomfortable the camera picks up on it straight away. So unclench that jaw, unball those fists, and relax those shoulders, you look fabulous! 

More about Holly McGlynn

Holly McGlynn
Holly McGlynn

Irish photographer Holly McGlynn has been living and working in London for 5 years now. In this time she has shot look books, collections, fashion stories and is the street style photographer at Company Magazine. Recent shoots include Louis Vuitton, Forever 21, and the Outnet and clients include Tiffany’s, Ugg Australia, and Orly. Holly has been published in the Guardian, Grazia Daily, Image magazine, Xpose magazine, Vice Magazine, TimeOut and many more. She regularly contributes to the Irish Post and fashion blog La Petite Anglaise.

Follow Holly and her fabulous blog and on twitter @hollymcglynn.

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