Expert Advice – Carboxytherapy to Revitaleyes

It has been said that the eyes are the window to your soul and studies have shown that lifestyle, genetics, lack of sleep and stress have a cumulative effect on the under eye area resulting in dark circles giving us a tired and unrested look

With Winter fast approaching we need to wrap and I went to visit Dr Haus to find out how we can look fresher and at our very best for the Party season ahead

He recommended Carboxytherapy as a quick fix solution, so my friends I am now pleased to share my personal experience with you ….

Dr Ariel Haus

What is Carboxytherapy…?

Carboxytherapy originated in the Royal Spas of France back in 1932 and have been popular in Brazil for some time but is a relatively new treatment here in the UK.  It involves the injecting of a small amount of carbon dioxide gas just beneath the skin’s surface, which is turn boosts the oxygen flow to the area eliminating the darkness caused by poor circulation

Carbon dioxide is produced by the body naturally, and should not be confused with the potentially fatal carbon monoxide

Following treatment the skin texture and contour around the eyes will improve and in most patients the under-eye circles will look to have completely disappeared. Depending on each patients metabolism usually between 2-4 treatments are required all spaced one week apart

Carboxytherapy Treatment
Carboxytherapy Treatment

My Personal Experience

Dr Haus applied some anesthetic cream on four points around the perimeter of both eyes.  It takes around 15 minutes for the anesthetic to take effect.  During the treatment I felt a slight pressure and stinging sensation while the needles were being inserted.  A small amount of carbon dioxide gas was injected just beneath the skin’s surface.  It works by increasing the oxygen flow to the target area. This sounds worse than it actually was.  Dr Haus is extremely gentle so don’t let this put you off and it is very quick I would say maximum 5 minutes

Afterwards Dr Haus cleansed the area with Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution and then applied some La Roche Possay Thermal Water and a cooling, soothing Camomile compress.  He asked me to rest and keep my eyes shut for 10 minutes.  After this time I was given a mirror to inspect the results.  My eyes were a bit red but this was a good sign and showed that the treatment had worked.   Dr Haus explained that the increased blood flow to the area would naturally boost collagen production.  This in turn improves the laxity of the skin and gives a natural tightening effect and lift to upper eye area.  I can concur that I definitely noticed this.  It gave my eyes a fresher, brighter appearance and the skin under the eyes was smoother and I had a more rested look

Dr Haus said that patients usually see results after 2-4 treatments but for optimum results he recommends a specially prescribed course of treatments to suit each individuals needs

A single treatment costs from £290 but he is currently offering a package of 6 treatments for the price of 5 if you opt for a pre paid package

This treatment can be performed on any skin type.  No need to worry as It does not affect your eyesight and usually no down time is required.   Of course this varies from patient to patient each patient but I would say to be safe book a day or two off from any major social events in your diary

The procedure itself takes about 5 minutes with pre and post preparations bringing total treatment time to about 45 minutes

Post treatment the Dr recommends La Roche Possay Thermal Water £10 150g to hydrate

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution for sensitive skin cleanser 250ml £10.  This can be used as a compress to soothe the area

La Roche Possay Hydraphase £15 15ml for eyes apply inside out gentle massage or if you wish to splash out Dr Haus highly recommends Dermage Clarite £130 15g as a star product

Dermage Clarite
Dermage Clarite


For more details and bookings please contact;

Dr Haus Dermatology


Tel +44 207 3236559

Rio de Janeiro

Tel +55 21 2513 1732



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