Expert Advice – How to stay Bootylicious and be Bikini ready with VelaShape II

Expert Advice from Harley Street – Dr Ariel Haus, Cosmetic Dermatologist  

The Sociable Chatterbox was invited to return to Harley Street to visit Dr Haus and his lovely team to try a Velashape II treatment.  It’s always good to see my beautiful Brazilian friends whose warm sunny disposition is just like the climate in their magical country

Dr Ariel Haus
Dr Ariel Haus

So what is Velashape …

It is a quick fix solution to looking even more fabulous and just on time for those Ibiza closing parties. It’s a body contouring treatment that tightens and shapes the body. It improves the appearance of cellulite and gives an overall more svelte defined shape after just a few treatments and no downtime is required

My Personal Treatment Experience

To start a specially formulated Velashape soothing caffeine rich gel spray full of antioxidants, green tea extract and vitamin E was applied to area to be treated. There was the option to concentrate on just one area or to have a more full body treatment

I opted for just one area, as this was a trial so that I could describe the treatment to you my dears.  So once the treatment began It felt like a hot deep tissue massage. The intensity of the machine can be adjusted to suit your tolerance and lasts approximately 30 minutes for one area and up to 1 hour for full body.  More spray is applied after the treatment, which has a cooling effect. I had a slight redness but results were immediately visible. This treatment works well in combination with a regular fitness and detox programme

VelaShape II Treatment
VelaShape II Treatment

How it Works

VelaShape works by using a combination of four different technologies: Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and Infrared are emitted which stimulates and manipulates the tissue by physical massage and vacuuming movements. The vacuum breaks down the fat cells which helps the body to eliminate it with the toxins later, resulting in smoother appearance. As well as this it increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to the area having a toning effect on the skin. Velashape is the newest and more effective technology available here in the UK. The treatment is especially popular in Brazil and the US

My opinion is that it is well worth the investment if you are slipping into your bikini soon and in need of confidence boost. Dr Haus told me that many Models of course we are like the “3 Monkeys” and would never reveal any names often indulge in a course of treatments before important photo shoots so that no airbrushing is required!

It works well on the thighs, arms, back, abdominals and can even lift the buttocks to give a more peachy “o la la la” appearance

The good news is that they are offering a special package for a course of treatments to all of The Sociable Chatterbox readers for £900 for 6 sessions of 30 minute VelaShape II treatments.  A treatment plan will be tailored to your specific requirements

Please do let me know if you would have any specific questions for Dr Haus or if there are any treatments you would like me to experience on your behalf

VelaShape II
VelaShape II

Dr Haus provides a full range of non-invasive treatments to improve the appearance of the skin and to prevent premature ageing

For more details and bookings please contact;

Dr Haus Dermatology


Tel +44 207 3236559

Rio de Janeiro

Tel +55 21 2513 1732



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