The Vegetable and the Michelin Star

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Throughout my career in hospitality I have been fortunate to meet and work with some extremely talented Chefs.   I must admit that I have been more than spoilt by them along the way.  I have learnt so much from each one and really appreciate their individualistic styles and inspiration

For those of you who don’t know me I am vegetarian and a real one at that.  This is why it has always been so important for me to have a special relationship with my Chefs

But here is an insider secret for you – Chefs don’t usually like Vegetarians very much.  This is because we can upset their usual repertoire, but I am pleased to report that the tables are now turning – no pun intended

I was delighted to read the recent article link below in The Times “Why Michelin Chefs no longer hate vegetarians”.  And it seems that it is indeed the French who are leading this revolution

It was refreshing to meet the charismatic Michelin starred Chef Alexis Gauthier the other day and to chat passionately to him about our mutual love affair for vegetables

As well as putting vegetables on the pedestal they deserve Alexis is raising awareness on the importance of healthy eating he even provides the calorific content of each dish on his menus at his outpost Gauthier Soho.  For him this was a necessity, “counting calories was the only way to stay alive”

Tasting everything that goes on the customers plate for quality control purposes is essential for chefs.   He realised he was unconsciously consuming 15g alone of foie gras per service twice a day six days a week for 15 years on top of everything else

At just 40 he was diagnosed with a fatty liver and said that his liver was as fat as a duck ready to be slaughtered.  An occupational hazard one might say not even taking knifes and hot stoves into consideration!

Mon dieu now he “doesn’t want to leave the exclusivity of vegetables to vegetarians”.  Alexis believes that a vegetable can stand in the kitchen amongst the top ingredients and even has the ability to be the star of the dish!  Incredible, this is music to my ears!

His mission is to carry the Green Cross and to strive for equality for Vegetables.  To support his great cause I picked up a copy of his new book Vegetronic.  I read it with great interest and particularly liked the simple Late Summer Tomato & Fuchsia Salad, Courgette, Aubergine & Saffron Cream, Summer Truffle Risotto, Acidic Early Season Apricot Crumble, Rose Petal Sorbet and the Lovage & Peppermint Bubblegum recipes

As well as giving a colourful insight into the real world of Chefs Alexis is also very entertaining!  It gets a thumbs up from me and I do recommend it as a great read

Now all I need is a personal Chef to cook for me

“À tout à l’heure”

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